‚ÄčMorene Philpott - Bodywork practitioner


"I want to thank you for the most precious gift of you and what you do and for the passion and love you hold for others. I feel lighter, smarter and beautiful in your empowering presence."

Coldstream , BC

"I have been working with Morene for quite sometime now and have always found it helpful and enlightening as a practitioner and as a teacher. Recently, I went for my yearly mammogram on a Friday and the following Tuesday I got a call back because I was told that there was a significant change from the year before and they wanted me to come down for further tests asap. I immediately called Morene to  let her know what was happening. She got on it immediately and helped me deal with my initial panic about this . I was scheduled to go down that Thursday and Morene was doing sessions Tuesdsay and Wednesday. When I got to the hospital, they did further mammograms followed by a ultrasound and then me in to discuss the findings, The radiologist showed me the initial films from the Friday and pointed out a clear structure that appeared to be a mass, which the whole team was worried about. She then showed me the newest films and the mass was mot there at all. This was confirmed on the ultrasound, Whatever was there had gone away. The doctor was extremely perplexed but also relieved that there was nothing there as was I."

Thank you Morene

Donna, New York

"For almost six months I was crippled with what the Dr.'s diagnosed as bone spurs and arthritis in both feet. It was difficult to even press the bass peddle while driving. Although I am also trained in Energy Work, I was unable to "heal myself". I went for a session with Morene in December 2008, and my feet have not felt this good in a very long time."


"I have known Morene for close to 25 years, she is a caring intuitive person who puts her heart and soul into whatever she does. Morene has an innate ability to heal which I do believe comes from her loving soul. She is able to zone in on problem areas and lovingly will try to ease the discomfort one is experiencing. She has given me countless treatments and I have loved being her client."

- Victoria. BC

"The session was an interesting and empowering experience of tapping in to my own potential. Morene is an extremely good facilitator  who assisted me in creating this opportunity . An open heart and a pure intention is all that is required to catch your own wave ! Go for it!"