Morene Philpott - Bodywork practitioner

Frequently asked Questions

What can be achieved through Morene's  sessions?

Heart centered passion 

Find a renewed sense of purpose and self-worth

Make decisions based on inner wisdom not fear
Self love, inner peace, joy and harmony
Promote your body's ability to heal
Let go of birth and bonding issues
Reconnect the parts of yourself that have split off after trauma
Eliminate confusion and improve memory
Body awareness and integration
​Balance & well-being
Expand creativity
Freedom of Movement
And Much More

Although Morene does not directly treat specific disorders, ailments you can expect relief from are:   
Abnormal Uterine *Bleeding*Acne*Addictions*ADHD*Allergies*Anxiety*Arthritis*Asthma*Autoimmune Disease* Bursitis*Cancer
*Carpal Tunnel Syndrome*Chronic Fatigue*Chronic Pain*Colitis*Constipation*Concussion/Head Injury * Crohns Disease* DepressionDiabetes *Displaced/Prolapsed Uterus and or Bladder Dysmenorrhea & Other Menstrual Imbalances * Eczema *Endometriosis *Fibroids *Fibromyalgia
*GERD *Glaucoma *Gout *Headaches *Heart Disease Hepatitis * HIV/AIDS *Hypertension *Hypoglycemia *Hypothyroidism *IBS *Infertility *Injuries *Insomnia * Menopause /PMS *Mental Health *Migraines *MS *Muscular and Myofascial Pain *Osteoporosis *Ovarian Cysts *Parkinson's *Plantar fasciitis *Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder *Pediatric Issues *Psoriasis *Sciatica *Seizures *Sprain/Strain Stress
*Tendonitis *TMJ

It is a safe form of therapy that can benefit all ages from infants to the elderly.
You can continue to see changes weeks after the session as your body's energy continues to heal itself.​