Morene Philpott - Bodywork practitioner

About Morene

Anyone can learn techniques...

just like playing an instrument; it takes years to master the skill.

Her life long journey of awareness at  the age of 6 years old, Morene's parents took her to learn Transdential Mediation. After that experience , life continually  unfolded . Currently, Morene has now been practicing  for over 25 years , she continues to fine tune her skills, while letting go of what is not needed and opening  deeper in the  heart.

Working with Morene

You'll learn more about your body's potential for healing and whole health. Rather than address merely the symptoms, Morene's approach deals with the root causes of pain, mobility issues, and mental suffering to offer an improved lifestyle, rather than a "quick-fix" to your immediate health issues.  

Philosophy about treatment

We are incredible, healing, adapting human beings, no one is the same or alike. We all have gifts and potential. We should stop trying  to fit anyone in boxes or technique protocols for healing. No one has a correct or better technique, it is how the therapist listens and supports their clients.  

Morene continues studying with her mentors who support the fine-tuning of her instruments – her hands and heart thus allowing her to support her clients whole being with the most gentle, non-invasive process. Morene uses many techniques while working with her client’s potential as she believes the inner healer will show the way back to balance and freedom.